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Calderdale Methodist Circuit : Greetland and Lindwell Methodist Church

Greetland: Rochdale Road, HX4 8JG Bing Maps

Lindwell: Hoults Lane, HX4 8HW Bing Maps

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Minister Rev. Francis Neil. Email Francis

We are a warm and welcoming community of Christians currently located over two premises with each having its own rich history. We formed into the current community when the two Methodist societies at Greetland and at Lindwell came together in Whitsuntide 2002 at a service which was led by Rev Peter Whitaker, the Chairman of the West Yorkshire District.

Worship takes place weekly at 10:30 a.m. and you will receive a warm welcome. Services can take place at the premises at Greetland or at Lindwell so it is best to check the Preaching Plan beforehand.

We look forward to meeting and greeting you in the name of Jesus.

Information about the closing services at Greetland and Lindwell

See the Churches' Events page for details of these; there is also a newsletter (as a PDF) giving more detail.

As part of the fundraising for new premises, we are selling copies of Califudge, Caffuffle and t'Chapel. More information and order form. (Both PDF)

A local character writes ... "There must be summat abaht it 'cos t' first 'undred 'n' fifty 've sold in remarkable time! Onnyroad, we've 'ad a further 100 copies printed – and we've tekken orders for umpteen o' them already! They cost nobbut £6.95 apiece, and only a nipscrew 'd moan at that! So frame thisen and stop faffing abaht, get thi 'and in thi pocket fer thi brass, (I sound like me Father now!) it's only a couple o' bob and it dun't tek a reight lot o' gorm to know it'll be fair grand and beneficial fer t'chapel. Then, when tha's stalled an' it's silin' down, tha can mash a pot o' tea and 'ave a reight guid read!".

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